Often the best websites I come across are through others’ recommendations; quality content rarely comes from any of my search efforts, which is why I wanted to share my top 15 sites. These are websites that I visit on (almost) a daily basis. I recommend you take some time out of your busy day to sit down, relax, and browse these sites!

1. 24 ways

A great resource of articles written by some of the most talented web designers; anything from code to contracts.

2. A List Apart

Excellent site for articles on usability, content, code, design, culture and more!


THE professional association for design. Resources, groups, events, jobs…really it is everything that is design.

4. Boagworld

Paul Boag is the creator of Boagworld – a great resource for podcasts about any topic related to web design; from content management systems to client management.

5. COLOURlovers

Having a mental meltdown over color choices? Good site that will get your color palette synapses going.

6. I Love Typography

Articles for those that love type. History of type, type choices and type use, just to name a few.

7. Jason Santa Maria

Personal site of a designer everyone should know about. Great Articles. Brilliant.

8. Just Creative Design

Personal site of Jacob Cass. Recently came across this one and have enjoyed his articles about the design world in general.

9. Smashing Magazine

A site with good articles geared to web design and photography. They also post up kick-ass monthly desktop calendars.

10. Typetester

Want to know what 12pt Calibri looks like next to 12pt Arial in the browser? There ya go then.

11. Zen Habits

Why? Because sometimes you just need to get the hell away from your screens and free yourself!!!

Written by a friend and fellow web developer, Bret Glassett.